Company Culture

Why does our staff love Mathnasium?

It actively works to help students understand the fundamentals of math rather than just how to do a certain type of problem.

Amanda Palecek, Instructor

I've never experienced anything more rewarding than instilling mathematical confidence in kids of all ages, and watching them go out into the world unafraid of the challenges math can present.

David Yang, Center Director

I am able to see the moment when a topic makes sense to a student, which is an overwhelming feeling because they had previously thought the concept was nearly unachievable.

Maddie Balderrama, Assistant Center Director

It allows for students who are struggling or excelling in math to get a deeper understanding and appreciation for math. I love being a role model for younger kids and helping them achieve their best selves.

Jesus Bermea, Instructor

Meet our Instructor of the Semester winners!

Lena is currently a student at UTSA earning her bachelor's degree in biology. She loves being in the kitchen either cooking or baking and spends most of her free time reading. She also hopes to spend her life making good changes in the world, no matter how small.

Lena Sykes

Spring 2023

Mathnasium of Schertz

Lena was nominated because...

"Lena has quickly taken the torch from our previous instructor of the semester nominees and become a quick favorite among the Schertz students. As soon as she clocks in, the kids are clamoring to sit at her table."

"Her use of the Mathnasium language and method is very impressive for an instructor that has been with us for less than a year which is a huge contributor as to why the students enjoy sitting at her table, they learn a ton!"

"On top of being an amazing instructor, Lena is currently a student at UTSA earning her bachelor's degree in biology. She still works more hours than an average instructor, which is very appreciated because she elevates the center atmosphere when she's here! She is always on time and has needed a shift covered only once since she started working here."

"Lena does an exceptional job greeting students at the door and welcoming everyone to her table. She is always looking to find ways to help students and around the center."

Natalie Salazar

Fall 2022

Mathnasium of Waco

Natalie is a Graduate of Baylor University.  She is a Teacher at Waco ISD.  Her education path has allowed her to serve as an associate or intern in various classrooms throughout Midway, Robinson, and Waco ISD. Though she has lived in Waco for the past few years, Natalie is originally from Plano, Texas. Outside of school and work, Natalie enjoys trying new places to eat, spending time with family and friends, and talking about small animals. Her background in special education has helped her gain an understanding of how to provide appropriate and individualized support to promote student success.

Natalie was nominated because...

"Natalie is a full time Special Education Teacher, a Marketing Assistant, AND a Math Instructor! Young kids are her forte and passion and with a table that fills up more rapidly than a theater on Avengers Midnight showing she is perfectly trained and equipped to handle many different students with different backgrounds and personalities with relative ease. She’s supportive of all students and exceptional at bonding with them! A recent graduate of Baylor University, Natalie spends a full day teaching Special Education and THEN working three consistent shifts as an Instructor at Mathnasium. Talk about a full schedule! She also volunteers with J H Hines Elementary After School Academy to coordinate opportunities for collaboration between Baylor University's multicultural organizations and the after school program; this way students can learn about different multicultural groups from Baylor students who belong to those multicultural groups. And in addition to all that, she enjoys sewing! She had originally intended to stay with Mathnasium until she became a full time teacher, but a full time teacher she is and she’s still here!!!"

"It is easy to say that Natalie spends all of her time helping students or trying to reach those who may need help!"

"She also is one of the most communicative instructors in the center, always leaving detailed information on students' Mastery Check forms, game plans, etc."

Tasnim Jamil

Spring 2022

Mathnasium of Bryan

Tasnim is a senior Texas A&M Civil Engineering major. She's from Katy, Texas but loves telling people that she's from Houston. She loves the beach, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. 

Tasnim was nominated because...

"Tasnim joined us last year, and has been a great addition to our team. Last semester she would come to her shifts directly after finishing her classes in the afternoon, and arrived right at the time when we were busiest in order to save the day and keep the other instructors from being overwhelmed. She is a consistently solid instructor, with a friendly and engaging style of teaching. This semester she started helping out as a session manager for online and does a great job of making sure that all the students there are taken care of. She is also an instructor that I know I can turn to for working with new students or at times helping those struggling with higher level math. Just this past week I had a new student coming in that was having difficulties with trigonometry proofs, and Tasnim did a wonderful job in helping him out and guiding him through that process. That was on a day that she wasn’t feeling her best and yet she still attended her shift and did great work, for which I am very appreciative. Tasnim will be working at an internship in her field this summer and then going on to graduate next year; until then, I am grateful that our students get the chance to learn from her."

Natalia Bermudez

Fall 2021

Mathnasium of Schertz

Natalia is a student at UTSA pursuing a double major in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. She spends her free time with family, improving her baking skills and spending time with her doggies, Juno and Zeus.

Natalia was nominated because...

"Natalia has been an instructor with us since August of 2019. She is such a bright light at our center, always making the kids laugh and keeping her table extra fun while still managing to consistently have her students get their work done. She is DOUBLE majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UTSA so she is definitely one of our go-to's for any higher level math. Even with her heavy workload from school, she is always willing and wanting to learn anything to help the center out as a whole. She helps build learning plans, and will go out of her way to brush up on concepts (like Differential Equations) to help out past students that need a little help. She even takes time outside of work to write notes on homework topics for students that weren't feeling 100% confident when leaving the center. Our center wouldn't be the same without her and I appreciate all of her consistency and hard work!"

Agustin Valdes

Spring 2021

Mathnasium of Schertz

Agustin graduated from Judson Early College Academy and hopes to become an electrical engineer in the future. He enjoys math and science above other subjects. Agustin will be pursuing electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. Besides math, he enjoys reading, programming and working with robots in his spare time. 

Agustin was nominated because...

"Agustin always walks into the center with a smile on his face! He’s always willing to help students and instructors alike with whatever they may need—be it grading, teaching high-level concepts (or just adding integers, if that’s what a student needs) or anything else that might need doing! Students that join his table always enjoy their sessions, as told by the way their faces are lit up as they walk out the door!

While Agustin does fantastic work in the center, he excels elsewhere, as well. For the past couple of years, he has been a part of his school’s Robotics Club and has helped them to win in competitions! He has also competed in the State Academic Decathlon, and is working on gaining acceptance into college!

Agustin is an excellent instructor, maintains awesome grades, participates in interesting and challenging extracurricular activities, and hopes to satisfy his hunger for knowledge by furthering his education—all of which shows just how great he is!"

Ki'Anna August

Fall 2020

Mathnasium of College Station

Ki'Anna is an Honors Animal Science major from Beaumont, TX. She will be continuing her education at Texas A&M through a Masters of Science program in Animal Science. She enjoys playing volleyball and learning how to make delicious recipes from watching YouTube videos. She also loves spending time with family and close friends. 

Ki'Anna was nominated because...

"One of the most important traits of any Mathnasium instructor is to be a role model to the students we serve. Ki'Anna August exemplifies this daily through her passion for education, her superior work ethic and her commitment to the service of others. Although she is an outstanding instructor, Ki'Anna does not simply instruct. She plays an active role in ensuring that the learning plan for each student she works with is customized at the appropriate level. When she is not working in-center, she is working online, while at the same time as taking 21-semester hours and interviewing at veterinary schools. She does not wait to be asked, nor does she ask what needs to be done. In her spare time, Ki'Anna makes the 4 hour drive to Beaumont on the weekends to work at an animal emergency hospital. 

It is so rewarding to see when kids walk in and their faces immediately light up because they see her. She is able to have such an impact on these students that their whole day is made just by being and talking with her!"

Reagan Herreth

Spring 2020

Mathnasium of College Station

Reagan studied Civil Engineering at Texas A&M. She comes from the great city of Houston, TX. She enjoys reading any book she can get her hands on, listening to classic country & western music, and watching old tv shows from the 60s and 70s.

Reagan was nominated because...

"Reagan always brings a positive attitude whenever she enters the doors. Her selfless heart provides so much support and helps our center run efficiently. As a literal walking ray of sunshine, she helps brighten our students' day and encourages them in any way she can! The Instructor of the Semester award should be determined by not only their ability to instruct, but also the impact they have on our students and coworkers. Reagan surpasses any criteria for this award and should be recognized for the joy she brings to our lives at Mathnasium. She is ALWAYS creating a warm and fun atmosphere for the students and instructors while keeping her students on task. She is know by pretty much everyone as the fun one. She also can never be found sitting around with nothing to do. Anytime I see her without a student she’s doing inventory, updating binders, or any task Jason or ACDs can give her. Reagan exudes a type of joy that you want to be around, that you want to be a part of...that you want to be like."